Event Specialists

We work with our customers to create unique events and create a value for participants of the event. We want to ensure a memorable experience for those attending our personally branded or co-created events.

Specialized Concepts

We work with our brands, and customers to create unique concepts that work specifically for reaching those hard to grasp audiences. Unique content, for a unique generation.

Our Network

We specialize in our network and putting together unique concepts, and also help out making smarter choices when running planning for events, marketing plans, and concept development. Reaching audiences is what we do best, and we have a broad network that can help!

Brand Since Feb 2017



LGND started in February of 2017 when our company was formed to serve the needs that it had generated. After helping host events for what are now some of our key clients, we kept growing organically to the point where we had to go pro. Now we focus all our attention at creating unique concepts, within the specialized world of gaming, esports, cosplay, and live events that help fans socialize. A year later we now have a solid group of fantastic clients and are still going strong. To our left one of our first events before we took the step to go pro!